[The Truth About Why People Wont Buy]

Every bust your balls trying to sell to a potential customer…yet when you get to the part where you present your prices they say

“I have to think about it”

“I need to speak to my partner”

“I’ll get back to you”

It leaves you a little downhearted and fed up.

Im going to be completely honest with you – They’re lying to you face

You want to know what they’re really saying? *brace yourself this might be a kick in the balls”.

“I dont value you or what you do – no chance”

” Wow that’s a lot of money – there’s no way thats worth it”

” Lol what a prick thinking he can charge that…not a chance in hell”

” I have no idea what he’s on about and there’s no way I’m going to get those results. It just wont work for me”

The ONLY Three Reasons People Don’t Buy

Every single objection you will get will only ever come down to one of three reasons. Just take my word on this. I’ve studied sales for years, worked in multiple niches and am running the sales team for what will be one of the biggest agencies in the world! Plus I’m a arrogant prick – all good salesman are 😉

So here’s the reasons:

Trust and Authority – by this I mean they don’t trust you, they might think you’re conning them, don’t believe you can get them the results and basically think you’re bullshitting. They also don’t position you with any authority. They don’t think you’re as good as you say you are and place you as average.

The other reason – FEAR – They fear they’ll fail, fear it wont work for them, fear of committing and fear of being judged by you or others.

Here’s the biggest kick in the nuts.

It’s al because of YOU. You and only you have to take full responsibility for this. It’s not them…it’s you.

What To Do Next?

The reason they feel this way is because of two reasons.

1. What process/system you have in place to build the trust and authority before the person is even in a sales session/consultation. Don’t know what I mean? Then download the closers guide >>

2. How you’re positioning yourself/carrying out the sales session. Don’t know what I mean? Again download the closers guide. It has all of this step by step >>

Discover how to overcome the above and your sales will increase, you’ll be able to charge more money and stop beating yourself up each time you get a NO

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