STEP 1 - Install Website Audience Pixels And Create Custom Audiences

  • List All Of Your Domains Associated With This Business
  • Place Facebook Website Custom Audience Pixels On Each Site
  • Create Website Customer Audiences for 30/90/180 Days
  • Split Your Email Lists Between Current customers, Old customers, All contacts And Any Other
  • Upload Each Email List As A CSV File To Your Facebook Audiences
  • Create Look Alike Audiences On All Current Lists at 2%, 4%, 6%
  • Place Google Analytics Code, Quantcast Tracking Code And Any Other Pixel Needed In Site

STEP 2 - Avatar Analysis

  • Write Out The Following Points About Your Customer Avatar
  • Age
  • Location
  • Goals
  • Reasons
  • Occupation
  • Salary
  • Family
  • Home
  • Name
  • Pains
  • Pleasures
  • Daily Niggles
  • Main Obstacles To First Overcome
  • Influencers They Follow
  • Others They Have Bought From/Are Being Sold
  • Organisations They Belong To
  • Publications They Read

Audience Analysis Of Business Page Uploaded

  • What Is Your Audience Demographic?
  • What Is The Demographic Of The People Who Have Engaged With Your Page In Last 28 Days
  • What Is The Demographic Of People Who Your Post Was Served To In The Last 28 Days

Targeting Audience Breakdown

  • Map Of Location You Want To Target And Any Exclusion Zones
  • What Is The Potential Audience Matching Your Avatars Demographic In That Area
  • List What Behaviour Targeting Elements Would Match Your Demographic
  • List Any Interests/Demographics/Behaviours Selected By Client
  • List Any Interests/Demographics/Behaviours Discovered In Market Research

STEP 3 - Competitor Analysis

  • Use Alexa and Similarweb to identify other competitors/interests
  • Use Google Ads Search Tools To Discover Monthly Search Volume For Main Keywords. Screenshot Into Client Area
  • Use Manual Search Research To Gauge What Other Competitors Are Using Google Ads
  • Top 3 Competitors On Google Maps
  • Top 5 Competitors On Organic Search
  • Use SEMRush And Set Up A New Social Media Project For Client
  • Analyse Social Media Engagement, Screenshot To Client Area For Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
  • Screenshot Facebook Comparison With Competitors
  • Manual Write Up Of 3 Top Competitors Analysed From Above Info
  • Organic Search Traffic P/M In UQ (Unique Views)
  • Main Key Word And Percentage Of Traffic From That Keyword
  • Paid Google Advertising And Spend/Results
  • Amount Of Backlinks Leading To Their Site
  • Facebook Pixel Installed On Their Site?
  • Any Re-Targeting Or Notable Pixel On Site?
  • Brief Overview And Manual Takeaways

STEP 4 - Organic Facebook Analysis

  • Use SEMrush project To Analyse Organic Facebook Activity
  • Published Posts And Their Performance Screenshot
  • Time Of Day Analysis Screenshot
  • Time Of Day Analysis Screenshot
  • Use SEMrush project To Analyse Organic Facebook Activity
  • Breakdown Of Audience Location
  • Total Page Likes Compared To Competitors

STEP 5 - Facebook Group Analysis

  • Run Grytics Report On Free Group
  • Screenshot Of The Following Charts
  • Active Members
  • Total Members
  • Engagement Evolution
  • Reactions Evolution
  • Basic Statistics
  • 2 Pie Charts At Bottom Of Page
  • Comment Statistics
  • Active Members By Day
  • Active Members By Hour

STEP 6 - Review Offer

  • Review Your Offer
  • Is It Strong Enough?
  • What's The Offer Style?
  • How Can You Amplify It Further?
  • Add Power Words
  • Risk Reversal

STEP 7 - Develop Strategy Process

  • What Campaigns Do We Need To Start With ( Choose From Straight To Application, Lead Gen, 'Like' Campaign etc )
  • Decide Which Themed Campaigns You're Going To Run
  • Decide On Method Of Delivery - Video / Image / Carousel
  • Map Out Your Sales Funnel
  • Write A Checklist Of Which Pages Need To Be Built
  • Checklist Of What You Need To Provide
  • Set Up Report Checklist With To-Do Items And Deadlines

STEP 8 - Develop Targeting

  • Dig Into Audience Insights And Relay Interests Into Avatar Folders
  • Set Demographics - Gender / Age / Location
  • Insert First Keywords From Interests Above
  • Click On Page Likes And Identify Relevant Interest To Avatar
  • Magazines
  • Public Figures
  • Competitors
  • Leaders And Gurus
  • Tools And Services
  • Publications
  • Organisations
  • Visit Interest Fan Page - Is It Likely A Large Percentage Of People Will Hang Out There? ( Add To Avatar Folder )
  • Identify Top 10 Interests In Page Likes And Add To Avatar Folder if Affinity Is Above 10x
  • Sort By Relevance And Identify The Interests Between 100k And 1.5mil
  • Visit Interest Fan Page - Is It Likely A Large Percentage Of People Will Hang Out There? ( Add To Avatar Folder )
  • Repeat For Different Keywords
  • Identify Price Of Product And General Amount Of Wealth Needed To Purchase Main Product
  • Target Income Bracket
  • Shortlist Specific Geographical Locations - Location Targeting Sheet In “Learning Content”
  • Identify any particular Purchase Behaviours.. Vehicle Price / Retail Shopping Behaviour / Buyer Profiles / Online Behaviour